Stream your Every College Football Game on your Roku Device

During these wonderful times of holidays, while we are enjoying the season, you will definitely miss your college days and miss football season of the whole year around. Here we will give you all season long. So get ready and let everyone knows that you’ll be busy on Sundays or every holiday for the next coming holidays.

Football Game on Roku
There are various streaming channels which are mentioned below will allow you to watch full games, highlights, and every vision of football player’s favorite channel Sundays – NFL Red Zone. If you have any concern for Roku Activation or Roku related issue you may contact our Roku Activation Link Support.

NBC Sports: - NBC Sports is your terminus for live broadcasting of the NFL Sunday Night Football and weekly telecast of Notre Dame Football.

Watch ESPN: - You can stream Monday Night Football, weekly college football games including the College Football Playoff but you need to participate with the Pay-TV provider.

PlayStation Vue: - With this channel you will stream football games from ESPN, NBC, NFL Network, NFL Red Zone, and more. You need to subscribe the PlayStation Vue Channel and subscription starts at $29.99/month.
FOX Sports GO: - You can enjoy streaming NFL on FOX and college football games every weekend smartly.

CBS All Access: - This channel is operated on the basis of subscription and subscribers will receive all NFL on CBS games which are being broadcast in their local market.

DIRECTV NOW: - First you need to subscribe this channel which starts at $35/ month and you can enjoy the streaming experience of NFL on FOX, ESPN, and NBC and games on DIRECTV NOW.
Sling TV: - You will gain access to ESPN, NBC, NFL Network, NFL Red Zone, FS1, and much more football on this channel by just subscribe at $20/month.

DIRECTTV NFL Sunday Ticket:-The NFL Sunday Ticket is available only to Roku customers, which must subscribe it in the U.S. living in an apartment, condominium or Town-home who are not now receiving DIRECTV service, as well as those who were not able to install a DIRECTV dish at their home due to an obstacle or other hurdles.

Century Link Stream: - You can scrutinize ESPN and NBC games with Century Link Stream with nominal subscription charges of $45/month.

If you face any kind of issue related to your Roku, for instance, you are unable to subscribe Channels, unable to activate your Roku Account, and then please feel free to contact our Roku Setup Tech Help team, which is professionally trained for you. You just need to call our toll-free number @1800-732-9492,

How can I Stream Web Videos to Roku

From your respective smart devices install “Video & TV Cast” to stream web video to Roku. If you want to extend the capabilities to more than a regular streaming device use your smartphones for better streaming. You can take all the information regarding Streaming or if you want to get direct assistance then contact our Roku Setup Technical Help.

Stream Web Videos to Roku

How to Activate Device?
  • First of all, make your Roku player activated so that streaming process got initiated.
  • Connect your streaming device to your TV and the router.
  • For TV connection it is suggested to use a High speed HDMI cable and for router connection use Ethernet cable.
  • Turn On all the devices TV, Roku and the router.
  • Accomplished the initial setup process for the Roku activation and wait till the software update get completed.
  • After that you see an alphanumeric code on your screen which is called the activation code or you can get it from code activation.
  • You can note it down or remember it for future to link the device.
  • The account can be created by going through Sign UP Page for Roku.
  • Move forward to the next step if the device activation is successful.

How to Download the Application?
  • Firstly, you need to download the “Video and TV Cast for Roku” app from their respective App Stores.
  • Now, open the App Store of your mobile and search Video and TV Cast for Roku.
  • Click the Download icon.
  • After downloading, start installing the app onto your device.
  • Open the App and access the browser’s address bar.

How to Stream Videos?
  • Enter the URL of the video whichever you want to play in the address bar of the App.
  • Another option is simply Google the name of your favorite video.
  • The link is displayed in the search list then plays it locally on your device.
  • When you are able to play video on your smartphone then you need to cast it to your Roku device.
  • Select Tap Here to cast icon from the App.
  • Now you are able to see the video on your Roku TV. If your Roku TV unable to display the video which you have casted then click on TRY AGAIN option shows on your App or you can visit our website Roku link activation or our toll free Number (+1800-723-9492).

Can you connect Roku Express Plus with your Computer?

The good news is YES. But you can’t connect it directly, the reason behind is our laptops and computers have only HDMI OUT port and we need HDMI IN port for using Roku Express Plus. Hence, we need to use the alternative technique to achieve this fete or you can directly seek the procedure by contacting Roku Setup Technical Help

There are two ways of connecting with computer:-
  1. Wonder share Video Converter
  2. Plex Media Server
Roku Express Plus can be used via Computer – Wonder share Video Converter

Wonder share Video Converter is a powerful converter, it’s not only the converter but it also act as a DVD Burner, Video Editor and down loader. The latest version also comprised of the strongest plugin named as Media Server, which allows you to stream your local media files from PC to Roku as long as both of them are situated in the same network. Now you can follow the steps below to see how it works or you can simply take Roku Link Code Activation.

Step 1:- Launching Media Server
  • First, download Wonder share Video Converter Application using Internet.
  • Launch Media Server Application on your Computer or Laptop.
  • Afterwards, the shortcut icons of Media Server will be display on the desktop.
  • Now, double click the icon or you can open the application from the START Menu.
  • Once it’s started, the Media Server will automatically detect the available streaming devices in the same network.
  • On the primary window, choose Roku Express Plus from the bottom.
Step 2:- Adding Local Files
  • Choose a category from the right side of Media Server, then hit “Disk scan”.
  • Add all the media in your folder to the files tray.
  • You can also choose to click “Import” to add specific files to directly locate your files by just navigating through the Computer option.
Step 3:- Streaming the Videos
  • Drift over a clip and the “Play on TV” icon will appear.
  • Click on it and the streaming window will pop up.
  • Ultimately, the videos will appear at your TV Screen.
Roku Express Plus can be used via Computer –Plex Media Server

Here is the solution for streaming the videos from PC to Roku. Just click the Plex Media Server icon from your system. Let’s shade upon the steps how to get started.

Step 1:- Launching the application
  • Download and install the Plex Media server application on your computer.
  • After a few seconds, a new tab in your browser will pop up. Here click “+” and you’ll see five options for adding media to your library. Choose a type and click "Next".
  • Then click "Add Folder" and navigate to the folder containing the media you want to add.
  • Click “Add Folder” again if you want to include additional folders.
  • When you've done with your selections, click “Add Library”. It may take a minute or two for your media to appear in the browser tab.
Step 2:- Adding Plex channels to your Roku Account
  • Sign in your Roku Account from your TV or any device.
  • Search and add Plex channel into your Roku Account.
  • Start streaming videos added to the application through the added channel.
  • Now you can browse or view as you like.

You can avail more information regarding” How you can connect Roku Express Plus with your Computer?" you can directly call our Roku Activation Code Service toll-free number (+1-800-723-9492).

How to activate travel channel on Roku

Are you a travel freak? Have you ever thought of traveling and exploring the world without spending a penny? Well, Roku’s travel channel fulfills your every wish. With travel channel, you can explore unique places, people, and culture around the globe. To leverage this channel’s every asset, you need to get access to this channel on your Roku device.

How can Roku’s travel channel be beneficial to you?

Roku’s travel channel is loaded with great benefits that let you live stream or watch full episodes of some of your favorite travel related shows including the Bizarre foods, Booze traveler, Expedition Unknown, and much more! This channel falls under the category ‘TV everywhere’ that permits you to watch Live TV without sacrificing the comforts of your home.

Another impressive travel channel available in Roku store is TLC. Get access to a vast library of full episodes of your favorite TV shows. All you need to do is subscribe to these channels through participating TV providers and in case, if don’t like subscribing these channels, then other unlocked videos are available as well. However, you need to check whether these videos load properly or not. The ‘icing-on-the-cake’ part is that the ‘Travel Channel’ is also available via Sling TV package.

How to download and activate the Travel Channel on your Roku device?

Like any other channel, you can easily add this channel on Roku. It can be done easily as instructed below.

     Open the Roku home screen by pressing the home button from your Roku remote.
     Now, navigate to the Roku channel store and find the Roku Travel channel.
     Simply click on the travel channel’s download option.
     When done with the download part, move to ‘My Channels’ option.
     From there, search and click on the Travel channel.
     The Travel channel is all yours now. You can stream and enjoy all your favorite TV shows.

These were the informative guidelines that may help you in activating one of your favorite channels.

Are your queries related to activation of travel channel clear? Stay tuned for more updates on Roku channels

Roku Link Code Activation of Classic Roku HD Player

Roku has been there when HD was a very big deal and was not much popular. Roku has come from the time of RCA ports till present. Roku initially manufactured the boxes that stream the content from the internet. Now it has come up the devices that are portable, cost efficient, and can stream 4K content.

Roku Link Activation Support

The great Roku player equipped for playing HD was prominent. It was the pioneer of TV watching. It supported a 720p HD ready and 1080p, 1080i Full HD format. Classic Roku HD player additionally had authentication methodology. It was one of those few devices which utilized a multifactor authentication. Multifactor authentication implies making utilization of email and telephone numbers to verify if the client himself is the owner or not. You can take Roku Link Code Activation support for more information.

This feature made Roku more dependable than others. There is likewise relative utilization of Roku HD player classic at this point. There are numerous mainstream apps which are not working on it. This is because they have been updated for more current gadgets. Updates imply that they will require more resources. More resource utilization implies that older players will get out of date. These app producers have additionally pulled back help for more older gadgets so there are no more old variant apps for more old players as well.

In spite of the fact that it is extraordinary to see that older gadgets have still not gone outdated. They can easily run Netflix and Plex effectively. Despite the fact that Hulu is exceedingly requesting on classic player HD. These devices are not implied for everyday use. These are even more a gatherer edition items where we can perceive how these function.

Also, they don't support most recent smart remote and voice search feature. Multifactor authentication has been updated in years and these gadgets have a more established security convention.Also, it is advisable to not embed your credential details into them as they can get hacked effortlessly now of time.

While Roku streaming stick 1 still has technical help from Roku so it is secure to utilize, classic player HD is out of technical help from last many years. Regardless of the possibility that you need to use it, you might need to include a capping from your credit card before entering any kind of details. It will significantly be a Netflix digital TV with Plex server. For any kind of support regarding any Roku players, you can contact Roku Setup Technical Help.

A Quick Guide for Deleting Roku Channels

When you get your Roku device for the first time, you try to add as many channels as you can thinking that you should have the maximum for you and your family. This is true, but there comes a time when you think there are many channels that you don’t need anymore or the content of some channels is not feasible for you. In that, you must look out for the way to delete these channels. Here are the methods by which you can delete the unnecessary channels.

Roku Setup Tech Help

There are three main ways by which you can easily delete the unnecessary Roku channels from your Roku account. These methods are:
  • Removing the Roku channels by using your TV.
  • Removing the Roku channels form Roku channel Store
  • Removing the channels from the Roku mobile app

Before deleting any channel you need to be sure that you don’t have already paid a subscription for any channel and there should not be any kind of validity period for them.

Removal of channels from your TV

  • For going on to the main page, press the home button from your TV’s remote.
  • Now browse through the channels and select those channels which you want to delete.
  • After this press, the start button on the remote for getting the options menu.
  • Now after this you will have to choose the option of remove channel and then confirm the removal of the channel.

Removing channels on the Roku channel Store

  • Press the home button on the remote of your TV for going on the main screen.
  • For opening the Roku channel store, choose the option of streaming channels.
  • Now highlight the channel that you want to remove and after that press the Ok button on the remote of your TV.
  • Select the option of remove channels from the list of the options that are available and then confirm it.
  • In the same way, you can remove the other channels also.

Removal of Channels from Roku device via Roku mobile App

  • Open the Roku mobile app on your smartphone.
  • Choose the channel option in the navigation bar.
  • Now choose the option of My channel s from the channels tab to see all those channels that you have added to your Roku account.     
  • After this long press, the channel for viewing the options and now is the time to choose the option of remove channel.

So these are the steps that are easy enough for removing any channel from your device. But for adding or deleting any channel, you must have to activate Roku. If you find any issues in Roku activation link code, then can visit our website or contact us at 1800-723-9492.

Troubleshooting Roku Setup Problems

Get rid of Roku Setup problems to access favorite movies as well as TV shows. All you need to have is an active internet connection and Roku account. Setting up your Roku account is quite easy.

Roku Setup Tech Help

Here are some of the easiest ways in which you can resolve Roku setup problems:-
The first step is to check whether you have an active internet connection. Most of the problems with these devices occur when you are not able to connect to your home network. If you are experiencing any problem with your device then first of all you must ensure that your router setting is fine, besides ensuring that your connection is active.

Go to settings> Network > Check internet connection
  • Follow the setup instructions carefully. In case you have missed any step then it can give rise to issues related to setup.
  • Follow the instructions given on our website carefully.
  • Make sure that you have entered the correct username and password. The username and password of wireless networks are often case sensitive.
  • Avoid placing obstructions or external devices between your Roku device and router as interference from external devices can often affect the signal strength.
Restart your device:-

Restarting your device is the best option to overcome most of the issues related set up. Here are some very important steps to restart it:-
  • For Roku players go to the setting> System > System restart
  • In case you are using a Roku TV then Go to settings> System> System restart
  • If possible then unplug the Roku device from power cords, wait for a few seconds and back plugin back again.
  • You also have the option of restarting y our router by following instructions provided by router vendor or manufacturer.
  • Manuals that come with these devices as well as routers have a set of guidelines for resolving Roku setup problems.
  • Error codes such as 009, 012, 013 as well as 14 are some of the issues that pop up during the setup problems and you can resolve them by either checking your wired connection or restarting your device.
  • Playing your streams can also give rise to the problems related to channel playback or videos.
  • Ensure that the power cables that you use for connecting your device or router are properly inserted into the slot.
In order to know more about troubleshooting Roku Setup Problems get in touch with our expert on the toll-free number:-+ 1-800- 723-9492. You can also take our Roku Activation link support.

A Glimpse of New Streaming Player Buffet by Roku

The lineup of streaming media devices by Roku is growing and the new additions to this lineup are the proof of its never-ending growth. On Monday, five new streaming media devices were introduced by Roku that has been designed to provide the new & improved ways of getting the content to the users. The price range of the streaming players is from $29.99 to $99.99 and they offer several features and wonderful functionality. For using these devices and getting the content, you have to complete the process of Roku link code activation for completing the setup of the device.

The Roku Express of the introductory level has been priced at $29.99. It targets the cord cutters who want to stream the content to the TV and those who are interested in extending their Roku experience to the additional TV screens in the house.

A step up in the functionality is Roku Express+ which provides the options to a TV through the HDMI or composite AV ports. This device will cost the users for $39.99 and is available exclusively at the Walmart.

The Roku Streaming Stick, which will be available soon at the price of $49.99, can be tucked out of sight by connecting at the back side of the TV. This stick features a quad-core processor, along with 802.11 AC dual-band MIMO wireless, and is supported by the voice remote including the TV power and volume buttons.

Streaming 4K Content

The all-new Roku Streaming Stick Plus which has been priced at $69.99 has a built-in wireless receiver into the power cord. It offers the wireless range which is four times more than as compared to the previous Roku streaming stick. This new streaming stick plus supports HD, 4K and 4K HDR content at the speed of up to 60 frames per second. For more information, you can take Roku Activation Code Services .

The flagship product of Roku which is Roku Ultra has been priced at $99.99.  This device can stream the content in 4k, 4K HDR, and HD at the speed of up to 60 frames per second. It also features an Ethernet port for the wired connectivity and a micro SD slot for aiding the load time of the streaming content. Along with that it also has a headphone jack for the private listening and a remote finder button.

All the products of Roku including Roku Express, Roku streaming stick, Roku Ultra, and Roku Streaming Stick Plus are available on pre-order from Roku, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, and other retailers and they will ship to store around October 8th. But one product Roku Express + is exclusively available at the Walmart. All the customers who will buy the new lineup of the Roku devices will also receive a $10 Vudu credit towards a rental or purchase and it will good through October.

The new lineup of Roku has been intended to ensure that all the customers whether they are new or returning must find what they need. The main aim of Roku is to provide the right device at the right time and this will help the company in capturing the interest of the consumers. In case of any query related to the Roku devices, you can take Roku Support.

247 Horror on your Roku

Roku is the familiar name among the people who love streaming the best of the content from the best of the service providers. In the field of streaming devices, the name of Roku comes at the top in the market. All the Roku streaming devices come loaded with stunning features and amazing picture & sound quality. Another reason behind the immense popularity of Roku is the content offered by these streaming devices. The stuff that you will get to the stream with Roku setup will not available with any other streaming device.  In other words, Roku is not less than any entertainment hub at your home that lets you stream the stuff of your choice and you stream that on your big TV screen.

The content offered by the Roku devices is available only after Roku link code activation. With Roku, you get the content such as news, sports, TV shows, movies, videos, music, kids stuff, religious, and much more. One of these categories is Horror. Yes, Roku has some scary stuff also that will awake you in midnight or will not let you sleep. So, how many of you love to watch horror and creepy movies or shows? If you really watching the scary stuff on TV at night time that can send cold waves in your spine, then we want to tell you that Roku has one such channel which can easily make your environment paranormal. Those Roku users who love to watch horror content can step ahead to 247 Horror channel.

This Roku horror channel offers the stuff which is better known as B-grade horror movies. Those who want to enjoy the scary stuff more can take the premium membership also. But there is one thing that you will not like much is that the library of content of this channel is full of commercials. You can watch both free and premium libraries easily without signing up. When you will click on any title in the premium category, then you will be allowed to watch a brief trailer of that title. Here you will find the below titles and for more information, you can take Roku help:
  • B-Horror
  • Blood & Gore
  • Classics
  • Satanic
  • Super Natural
  • Werewolves
  • Zombies
  • Serial Killers
  • Monsters
  • Vampires
This wonderful 247 Horror channel brings you the best of the horror movies from around the world. Whether it is ghost stories, zombie invasions, horror cinema, classic horror or creatures from the outer space, 247 Horror is the destination for all your scary stuff that will make you thrill and chill to the bones.

Roku Link Activation

How can you Stream Emmys 2017 on your Roku?

As the season of Fall TV is gearing up, the biggest stars of the TV are getting ready for the big event of 69th Annual Prime time Emmy Awards. We will not be able to tell you about what This is Us will reveal about the death of Jack in the season 2  or who is the Night King in the Games of Thrones, but the thing we can tell you is how you can stream Emmys, its red carpet along with all the top nominations. You just have to enter the Roku activation link code, activate Roku channels and enjoy.

Roku Activation Link Support

Live Streaming the Red Carpet for free

You just have to head to the People TV on September 17 at 6 pm ET for getting the live streaming of all glamour and glitz courtesy of People Magazine and Entertainment Weekly. If you are actually interested in continuing awards show afterglow, then you have to check out the fashion recap of People TV on the very next day on September 18th.

Watching Award Show

You can stream the Emmy awards live on CBS All Access on Sunday, September 17th at 8 pm ET. So, just go to Roku activation code link and add the channels or services so that you should not any action or news related to Emmy.

Watching Nominated Shows

There are many options by which you can watch the nominated shows on your Roku device. There are many services & channels such as HBO NOW, Hulu, ABC, Amazon Video and many more channels by which you can enjoy each and every moment, news, and action of Emmy awards. You just have to visit our website and there you will get the complete list of nominated shows along with the name of the channels or services on which you can enjoy Emmy Awards.

Catching your Favorite Stars

Do you want to catch your favorite stars? Want o know what Samantha Bess star of the Show Full Fontal With Samantha Bee has picked up 7 nominations,  Leslie Jones who is the nominee for the award of Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, or Sarah Silverman who has 2 nominations for her special Sarah Silverman: Speck of Dust would do if they all will rule the world? For this also you have to check out the Emmy Portfolio series PLUS of People TV. For more information, you can take Roku support.

How Roku Error Code 014 can be solved?

When it comes to streaming the video playback, then no device can match up with Roku. This device is the perfect piece of top hardware manufacturing which is dedicated to internet TV. After setting up Roku device and completing the process of Roku link code activation, the hardware of the device can be used easily.

Error Code 014

Roku device at times can give you some issues. Some issue arises due to connectivity issues, some due to streaming, some because of activation of the Roku device. So, there can be many reasons for the errors so here resolutions will also be different. The users can take Roku support for solving these errors. But to help you today we will tell you about Roku error code 014. This error code usually comes to the connectivity issues. If this error comes at the time of first initialization, then the users can switch from the wireless connection to a wired connection. If the first initialization goes well and issue starts coming after that, then this issue can be resolved by plugging the network Ethernet cable and after that disconnecting it from the wireless connection.

How to resolve this Error 014?

  • If the issue is arising due to a wireless connection, then the users can switch to the wired connection. You can connect all the devices with the Ethernet cable from router or modem, except Roku streaming stick as it comes outfitted with an Ethernet cable.
  • After making the wired connection, the users can check out for the settings of the device. This should be done for ensuring the proper establishment of the wired connection.
  • After setting up the connection check whether the device is streaming the content or not. You must ensure that the process of Roku activation must be completed properly.
  • Since the wired connection has been established, so you can remove the Ethernet cable and your Roku will work perfectly.
So, this was the simple and easy guide for the Roku error code 014. If you will have the knowledge about the error then, at least you can try for the quick fixes of the issue before contacting the support center.

How can the credentials of your wireless network be found?

Roku Customer Support

For using Roku device at home, it needs to be connected to a wireless network. For connecting to a wireless network, you have to enter the name and password of your network. Your Roku setup then scans all the networks that are available and gives you a list of the available networks and this list is in the order of the signal strength. The connection with a network of the Roku device is necessary since it will take content online and present to you on your big screen of the TV. Also for doing the activation and setup of your device it needs to be connected to the network.
Sometimes the wireless network is also known by the name of SSID. This is the name which is either set by your manufacturer of the router or your ISP or the name that you have chosen while networking setup.

How to find the name

If you want to find the name of your wireless network at your Roku platform, then try these steps or you can also take Roku Activation link support:
  • First of all check the connection to which you have connected your mobile phone, PC or other devices. You have to connect your Roku to that device only.
  • Now check the list of the available networks, try to find the name of our network. If you are unable to find the name of your network, then choose your network screen. After that, choose again an option for getting the list of the available networks. This will show you the full list of those networks that are available nearby which will include your own network.
  • The help of router manufacturer or network connection provider can also be taken if you are unable to remember the correct name of your network. Sometimes the default name is at the bottom of the router and you find it there.

Getting the password

Follow these steps for getting the password of your network:
  • First of all, use the same password that you usually enter while connecting your PC or mobile phone.
  • The support of your network service provider or router manufacturer can also be taken in case you are unable to remember the password of your network. Sometimes the default password is also written at the bottom of the router.
  •  After connecting to your network, you can easily do you Roku activation and get your desired content.
  • In the case of any query, you can contact Roku link activation code support.

Tips for entering the password

We have come with some tips that you should remember while entering the password so that you always enter the correct password:
  •  Passwords are always case sensitive.
  • There is an option of show password. You can always choose this option if you want to enter the correct password. As by choosing this option you can see what you are entering and will save yourself from entering the wrong password.

Twitter’s TV App on Roku Setup

Roku Tech Support Number

Twitter believes in expanding the amount of live streaming video content on its network. So, in this regard, Twitter recently came up with its Roku TV channel. This channel came almost after a year of launching of Twitter TV app on Apple TV, Xbox One, and Fire TV. This new channel will also have the same experience as on other platforms that combine the live video with the top tweets. For more information, Roku help can be taken.

The launch on Roku platform will be a significant expansion as Roku is one of the biggest and popular streaming platforms. Roku has almost 14 million active users all over the world.

As per Twitter, the new app will let the users watch the live video streams and browse the timeline of Twitter. There will be no need of Twitter log-in for this. The implementation of this new app will be similar to as of an Apple TV, Xbox One, and Fire TV. But the Periscope support has not been offered by the new app. The expansion of Twitter on Roku is going side by side with the ambitions of live tv content.

Roku told that the new Twitter app will offer the same live tv streaming video that you will get on Twitter which will include original programming and live simulcasts in the field of sports, news, politics, and entertainment. This will also enable the Roku users to see the tweets from the network of Twitter along with the content that they are watching. Along with this, the Roku users will get the opportunity to pick and select the stream that they want to stream and watch.

The users can choose from any of the live events that are running irrespective of the streaming at the same time. This Twitter channel will bring together the video and the related conversation that surrounds live events to the big screen of your house. This app is available to download for free in the Roku channel store. For downloading this app, the users will not have to log in to their Twitter account. This stunning app will work on all the Roku devices which include Roku TVs also. For more details, contact Roku support.

How can you setup Roku Ultra?

Roku Ultra is the streaming device that supports 720p, 1080p full HD, 4K UHD and 4K Ultra HD HDR(high dynamic range). This Roku model ships with an augmented point anywhere remote that is compatible with voice search, gaming buttons, remote finder, and private listening through a headphone jack on the remote.

Roku Ultra works with every TV with an HDMI connection. But you will not be able to take the advantage of 4k resolution if you are not using it with 4k compatible TV or 4k HDR without a 4k HDR compatible TV. You can take Roku support to get more information about Roku Ultra.

Roku Customer Support

Roku Ultra Setup

Choose a language

After connecting your Roku Ultra with power outlet and your TV, you will switch it on. The first screen that you will see, will allow you to choose a language. All the text and dialog within your Roku application will appear in this selected language. Scroll up had down the list and press OK for selecting a language. All your channels will also be translated in the selected language. But there might be the channels that will not support this feature.

Connect your Roku to the network

  • You can choose your desired network from the list of the networks available and then enter its password. This will be the same network on which you connect your smartphone or PC.

  • You can choose the option of show password if you want to see the password entered by you. This will prevent you from entering the wrong password.

  • After entering the password, choose the option of connecting. After this, you Roku Ultra will automatically connect to the internet.

Wait for Roku to download the latest software

After connecting to the network, your Roku device will automatically download the latest version of Roku OS software and then reboot. Even if there would be any channel update, that will also be updated by the device itself.

Create a Roku account and activate your device

  • Firstly, you will have to create a Roku account and then you will have to link it with your Roku device. Your account keeps all the information related to the devices and channels owned by you. This also allows you to add and buy channels and Tv shows & movies.
  • All the instructions related to Roku activation will be displayed on your TV screen.

  • After this, you will see an activation code along with Roku activation link. Go to that link and enter the code displayed on your TV screen and follow the instructions.

You are done!

After completing the code activation steps, your Roku Ultra is ready for starting your never ending entertainment.

How can you reset your Roku Streaming Stick?

Roku has emerged as one of the prime streaming players in the industry. The Roku streaming device is constantly improving with the growing diverse range of its devices. Among this diverse range is Roku streaming stick, which is the small thing and easily portable dongle. You can get the finest of the entertainment in the most promising way with this stick. But sometimes, the device has to face some issues, which need to sort out so that device can function smoothly. Sometimes just resetting the device sorts out a maximum number of issues. Though you can take Roku setup technical help, we have also come with the soft and hard reset of this streaming stick in simple steps.

Soft reset

Here we will let you know the steps of reaching factory reset option in easy steps:
  • First of all, navigate the settings menu.
  • Now select the option of Advanced system settings.
  • After this click on factory reset option.
  • Now enter the on-screen code. You might also get Roku activation code on your screen that you will have to enter. Then follow the instructions and after that Roku will be factory reset within no time. You can contact Roku support if you want any information.
Roku Streaming Stick

Hard Reset

If the soft reset doesn’t work, then you can go for a hard reset. Though it is not the good option for your device, you have to opt it sometimes. Here’s what you need to do:
  • Firstly, locate the reset button on your Roku device. The button location will depend on your device. The older models need a pin or paper clip to reset. But new models such as Roku streaming stick 2016 or Roku 4, come with a proper reset button and you just have to press that button.
  • Now hold the reset button until the logo of the device appears on the screen. After the appearance of the screen, follow the setup process. If you encounter any issue, then you can take Roku support.

How can Roku Activation Issues be resolved?

Roku is a streaming device which lets you stream unlimited content. But before you start using it, you have to activate it. For going on Roku Activation link, it must be connected to your Roku account. Your Roku account has all the information related to the devices and channels owned by you along with your preferences and settings.
During the process of activation, you have to visit website on your smartphone or PC and you have to enter the Roku Activation code which is displayed on your TV. But at times some users get trouble at this stage. SO, for resolving the issues related to Roku Activation, we have come up with the troubleshooting of these issues:

Roku Activation link

Error while entering the link code on the website

If you encounter any issue while entering Roku Activation code, then you can try to enter it for the second time. There might have been the typing error or some other temporary network or system error. If the issue still persists, then try doing these:
Go back again to your Roku device and click on help > Get a new code.
Once you get the new code or Roku Activation link, then go to the official site of Roku and enter that code.

Roku device is stuck on Link code screen

Sometimes, you see that when you enter your Roku activation code your device gets stuck at that screen, then you can wait for some time since it takes few seconds to complete the activation process. If the device is still on the same screen, then try following these steps:

Firstly, you have to make sure that you have completed all necessary steps for activating your Roku device because completing all the steps at the website for Roku activation is necessary otherwise activation process will not be completed.

If you see error 001 along with the message not connected at the upper right corner of the TV screen, then it means that it is the issue related to your internet connectivity. You can choose the option of try again and also check your wi-fi connection. 

So, these were the common issues that you might encounter while entering Roku activation code along with the easy fixes. If you still encounter any issue, then you can take the help of the support center.

A Quick Guide for Private Roku Channels

Roku is the device with which you will get the access to a massive range of channels. All these channels are available in Roku channel store. But there some more channels, you might have heard about that and they are known as Roku private channels. Private channels are same as any other channel of Roku, except that they are not listed at Roku channel store. Get more information about these channels at Roku Support.

There are many reasons why a channel is a private channel.  It might be a beta version that has not been fully developed or tested. Another reason is that it might have a very limited target audience. The next reason is that the channel might have some adult content and is not eligible for listing in the channel store under the terms of use of Roku.

The process of adding these private channels to your Roku setup is only via Roku website. First of all, you will have to log into your Roku account > My Account page > Manage account > Add a private channel link. Select that link, Enter your Activation Code, and choose the option of Add channel.

At this stage, you might encounter the error of invalid Roku link code. Private channels are very uncertain. These just come and go. So, when this error happens and the code entered by you is correct, then there are chances that the channel has been abandoned by the developer or its code has been updated for allowing the access to a newer version of the channel.
If the code entered is valid, then a channel logo will appear and ask you to select Yes, Add Channel. If you want to access your channel instantly, then you will have to refresh your channels on your device by going to Settings > System update or Settings > Player info and check for an update. If You don’t want this, then you can wait for the updates on your device. In the case of any query, you can take Roku help.

Roku private channels have very interesting and wonderful content of every type to watch. Here we have come up with some of the private channels that you would like to know about:

Music Man
Here you can stream more than 120 music video channels from around the world.

Resilient Christian Radio
This is an astonishing internet radio channel that brings to you the wonderful word of God.

Roku Cast

This is a Chrome extension that will let you cast HTML 5 content from the browser to your Roku device. This needs no companion Roku channel.

Euro Roku

With this, you can stream live Bulgarian, Moldovian, French and German channels.

c Cloud Tv
This is the cloud-based IPTV service that links to the entertainment media.

Roku Movies
This is the perfect blend of old classics and latest Hollywood movies.

Shockwerks TV
This channel is the collection of streaming of horror, some sci-fi, music, and comedy.

Live World News

With this channel, you will get the live news feed from the major networks.


This channel streams the collection of independent cartoons and animated features.

Space-Time Free
With this channel, you can stream the regularly updated video content from the space agencies all across.

Setup and Activate Roku Account online

Roku Activate

Roku is the streaming device that gives you the access to a massive range of content and is cost efficient also. But you start using your device, you will need to setup and activate your Roku. The Roku setup is very easy and trouble-free. But there might be some queries in your mind regarding the setup process of your Roku. But don’t worry. To help you out we have come with the setup and Roku activation process in some simple and easy to follow steps:

New account on Roku website

  • When you power on your Roku for the very first time, then to guide you, all the necessary information is displayed on the screen. Then it will give you a Roku activation link for entering the code and activating your device.
  • The Roku link code will activate your account.
  • Then go on the website of Roku and provide them that link code which is shown on your Tv screen and that’s it. Now you can enter the world of endless streaming.

Account Registration

  • After providing the Roku activation code to the site, you will need to provide some more information for your account such as your payment information, the method for getting extra channels of your choice.
  • Though you can delete the channels from your account. You can also skip the payment info and register your account without providing payment info. But you will have to provide it later when you will buy any channel.

Setup of PIN Number

  • A 4-digit pin number is added to your Roku account. This is not essential, but it could be beneficial to avoid any unnecessary purchases or unauthorized use of your account.
  • When you add a pin number that will always be required when you will make purchases from Roku channel store. This pin will not be required in case of any free channel. Then only your user Id and password will be required. Roku support can be taken in case of any queries.

Providing Payment details

  • Your account will have a web page form for adding the payment details so that you can easily make purchases. You will have to provide your credit card number, the expiry date of the card, name, address, phone number, and a code.
  • You can also remove your payment details by going on the payment method option under account settings. You can click on remove button under payment method and it will be removed. Roku help is always there to guide you in case you encounter any issue.

Troubleshooting some Issues

Trouble in creating or completing Roku account process

If you face any issue while adding your payment methods then try these steps:

  • Try another card and see whether it works.
  • Try using another payment method like PayPal.
  • Be sure to use the updated version of the browser. If it’s not like that, then you can change the browser.
  • After the five failed effort yo will be given the option of creating your account without adding any payment method to it.
  • If the issue is still there, the Roku customer support can be taken.

Forgot the username or password

If by any chance you forgot your password, then its retrieval is easy. The new password will be sent to you via email on your registered email account. For resetting your password you will have to visit password section and enter your new password and confirm in the next entry and click on save for saving all the changes made by you.

Roku is stuck on Link code screen

When you enter your code activation for activation, then it will take a few minutes to complete the processing. But after some time if it is still on the same screen, then be sure that you have complete all the necessary steps required for activation on the website.After that, if you see error 001 or message of not connected, then it is the issue with your network connection. Check your internet connection and connect your device properly.

Error while entering the code

If you are unable to enter your Roku activation link code, then try to enter it again ensuring that the correct code is being entered by you. If you still not able to enter then you can request for a new code and enter that code and complete the activation process. For any kind of activation issue, you can take the guidance from customer service.

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